About Us

In addition to tradtional Real Estate Sales, Wertz Realty, Inc. also offers Property Management. Adept management is essential to assure the succesful operation of your Real Estate investment. Wertz Realty, Inc. offers you the best in property management by implementing traditional business fundamentals and modern business techniques.

All contacts with residents, suppliers, employees, and craftsman will be conducted by Wertz Realty, Inc. You will be freed from the many day-to-day details associated with owning investment property.


  • Property management is our business. No distraction but direct attention to your property.
  • A proven record for succesfully managing properties of all types.
  • Knowledge of how to achieve even the most difficult objectives.
  • Financial protection through bonding and insurance.
  • Real Estate Agents licensed in Ohio.

Management Team

It takes more than one person to handle the many details of property management. Success with your property will happen due to the "know-how" of our management team. In case of emergencies, trained personnel are readily available to handle the matter at hand. Your property will be receiving attention from a large pool of management and maintenance talent.